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Hydrant Flushing Fall 2022

That time has come upon us again to flush the water system. The switch between our two sources, the Boroughs allotted diversion rights to the aquifer groundwater and our service agreement with New Jersey American Water requires us to complete this task. During those switch over times we can have many small and sometimes larger issues, but one common issue is the need to clean out the water lines. So to do this we need to flush the system, which stirs up some sediment in the water lines causing discolored or “brown” water issues. Unfortunately, it's part of operating a water system. To help you plan to avoid these times, we are supplying these scheduled dates.

What you should do as a resident to help avoid issues in your residence:
~Try not to run laundry during those periods, especially whites!
~Try not to use any hot water, you don’t want to fill the hot water tank up with any possible discolored water
~If you have been out of the house all day, initially try to run your cold line closest to where the service comes into the house for about 5 minutes to look for discolored water, this way you can help avoid any of it getting into the rest of your water lines in the house. If you are experiencing any discolored water, run it until you get clear water, it won’t take long.

Click this link to see the schedule. - ANY CHANGES of this schedule will be posted on the Borough website on the morning of the flushing so you will know of any changes to the scheduled date. 
We anticipate it to take the 5 days we outlined to complete this process. This mainly depends on how quickly the tank recovers during the flushing and in the case of an emergency situation which would require us to possibly alter this plan, deviations from this schedule will be posted on the borough website.