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MANDATORY - 2021 Fall Meter Readings & Visual Inspections

2021 Fall Meter Readings & Visual Inspections

The Borough is in the process of obtaining the bi-annual water meter readings, understanding the very real concerns surrounding the COVID-19 Pandemic has made this difficult over the past cycles. Unfortunately the NJDEP is requiring us to do an in person reading including photo evidence of the meter and its installation. We are required to inspect & report proper installation confirming use of approved materials as per the NJDEP regulations. This MUST be completed by using visual inspections and photo evidence for historical backup. This process will also facilitate us in the inventory and upgrade of our meters in the borough to the external radio reader style meters, eliminating the need to do home meter reading visits in the future. This meter upgrade program will be over the next 5 years using the American Rescue Fund monies to fund for this program. 

To ensure the safety of our borough employees and residents, we will be entering homes to read water meters wearing appropriate PPE and ask for your assistance in this program.   Therefore we are requesting your assistance in making this available to our staff while mitigating any concerns by following CDC guidelines of masking, distancing and disinfecting.

We fully understand your concerns due to the pandemic, unfortunately this is a necessity in order to take care of the REQUIRED DEP reporting, and only by visual inspection photo evidence by of one of our Water Department Staff will allow us to complete this task to their expectations and facilitate our needs for the upgrade program.

If we can't get access to your meter at the time of our visit you will receive a card like the one below, and its YOUR responsibility as the homeowner/renter/occupant to facilitate making this appointment. 
Understanding that timing may not always be best when we come to your door, and this being a multi-part process we are still allowing you take a picture of your meter, see sample, and email it to for the meter reading part of this program. HOWEVER followup visits may be necessary to complete the REQUIRED DEP filing. We may be able to evaluate your meter connection for our filings and upgrade program by additional photo evidence, eg. pics of the connection points directly to the meter and exiting the meter.  These will be evaluated by our staff and we will reach out to you if we still need access. Please make sure we can see the inlet line to the meter as best as possible, this will help us to review the feed line going into the meter and connection. See Below Example.
When sending these pictures please make sure to include your name, address and account # in the email.  Also, to update account information, we are asking if you could include your meter #(See Above Pic), which would be located on the brass portion of the meter body, again a picture of this would be useful to us.  THIS IS IN NO WAY REMOVING THE POSSIBLE NEED FOR ACCESS TO YOUR METER! Please provide this information no later than 2 weeks from receipt of the RED notice, or we will have to estimate your reading and there will be an additional $25 fee.  We thank you for your cooperation through this process.
We sincerely appreciate your assistance in this matter, it is imperative we get this completed before the end of November, so we are counting on our residents to help us help you!
Thank You,
Farmingdale Water & Sewer Utility
Council President Pat Linszky, Head of the Water and Sewer Committee
Jim Daly, Mayor