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Public Meeting Procedures

Pursuant to N.J.S.A. 10:4-8 (d) the meetings of the Governing Body have been advertised in accordance with the Open Public Meetings Act, as per Public Law 1975, Chapter 231. A notice of the meetings has been published in the Asbury Park Press and Star Ledger, posted in the lobby of Borough Hall and on the Borough Website. The public is invited to attend, and comment is welcome at any time. Formal action may be taken. All meetings of the Governing Body are held on the first and third Tuesday of each month at the Community Center, 13 Asbury Avenue, Farmingdale, New Jersey 07727, beginning at 7:00 pm unless otherwise noted on the Borough website. Meetings of the Mayor and Council of the Borough of Farmingdale will be held at the Community Center or may be held remotely due to weather conditions. Please visit the Borough website Homepage for the most up to date information, or e-mail the Borough Clerk. 

Mayor and Council Meeting Procedures
The Mayor presides over all Mayor & Council meetings. The Council President assumes the chair in the absence of the Mayor. 
The Borough Council follows an agenda as established by the Mayor. There will be a portion for public comment on agenda and all other items. The public is welcome to make comment at any time. Members of the public desiring to speak, must give their name and address in an audible tone and should strive to limit their statement to five (5) minutes.
Copies of the agenda for each of the meetings are available at all sessions. Copies of ordinances which will have their public hearings are also available to the public. Agendas are prepared by the Borough Clerk and are posted in the Lobby of the Municipal Building and published on the website. You may e-mail the Borough Clerk to have a copy of the agenda sent to you. The Borough Council will take action on items listed on the agenda. 

Remote Meeting Additional Procedures
To join the meeting in Google Meets please use the below link. Please remember to mute your mic unless you are called upon during public session to pose a question.
Meeting ID:
Phone Numbers: (‪US‬)‪+1 818-860-0674‬   -  PIN: ‪747 664 591#‬
NOTE - the above information may change. Please visit to the Borough Homepage and follow the links to the meetings to get the most updated meeting information.

Send a Question to the Governing Body
If you would prefer to send in a question to the Governing Body, please complete this form, to submit your question for the upcoming Council meeting. The form must be filled out completely to be addressed by Council. Similar or duplicate questions will only be addressed once, confirming all meeting participants who posed the similar question.

Manner of Addressing the Council
Upon recognition by the Mayor, the person shall proceed to the floor and give their name and address in an audible tone of voice for the record. Unless further time is granted by the Council, they shall strive to limit their statement to five (5) minutes. Statements shall be addressed to the Council as a body and not to any member thereof. No person, other than the Mayor and the person having the floor, shall be permitted to enter into any discussion, without recognition by the Mayor. A Council member shall not direct any question to a speaker addressing the Council without acknowledgement by the presiding officer, or directly through the presiding officer.

Closed Meetings
All meetings of the Council are open to the public with the exception of closed sessions. During closed session only the following may be discussed:
Any matter which by express provision of federal laws or state statute or rule of court shall be rendered confidential.
Any matter in which the release of information would impair a right to receive funds from the United States.
Any material the disclosure of which constitutes an invasion of individual privacy as defined in the Open Public Meetings Act.
Any collective bargaining agreement, including the negotiations of terms and conditions thereof, with employees or representatives of employees of the Borough of Farmingdale.
Any matter involving the purchase, lease or acquisition of real property with public funds, the setting of banking rates or investment of public funds, where it could adversely affect the public interest if discussion of such matters were disclosed.
Any tactics and techniques utilized in protecting the safety and property of the public, provided that their disclosure could impair such protection and any investigation of violations or possible violations of the law.
Any pending or anticipated litigation or contract negotiation in which the Borough may become a party and any matters falling within the attorney-client privilege to the extent that confidentiality is required in order for the attorney to exercise his or her ethical duties as a lawyer.
Any matter involving employment evaluation of the performance of, promotion or disciplining of any current or prospective public employee or officer, unless all the individual employees or appointees whose Rights could be adversely affected request in writing that such matter or matters may be discussed at a public meeting.
Any deliberation after a public hearing that may result in the imposition of a specific civil penalty or the suspension or loss of a license or permit.