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The Document Center provides easy access to public documents. Click on one of the categories below to see related documents or use the search function.

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Community Center3 documents

  • Community Center Rental Agreement
    document date none
  • Rules for Community Center
    document date none
  • Hold Harmless Agreement
    document date none

Marriage6 documents

  • Application Certified Copy.pdf
    document date none
  • Marriage or Civil Union Information
    document date none
  • Registering A Domestic Partnership
    document date none
  • Marriage Licence Application
    document date none
  • Marriage Ceremony Request Form ( Mayor to Preform Ceremony)
    document date none
  • Marriage Vows
    document date none

Revised General Ordinances Borough of Farmingdale1 document

  • eCode360 - Online Ordinance Book
    document date 07-21-2020
    Updated ordinances for the Borough of Farmingdale

Planning Board Applications3 documents

  • Development Application
    document date 06-30-2020
  • How To Make A Application
    document date 06-30-2020
  • Variance Application
    document date 06-30-2020

Vital Records3 documents

  • Directions for obtaining a Non-Genealogical Certification or Certified Copy of a Vital Record
    document date 06-30-2020
  • Vote By Mail Application - Monmouth County
    document date 06-30-2020
  • Application for Obtaining a Non-Gemological Copy/Certified Copy
    document date 04-27-2021

Other Documents9 documents

  • Open Public Records Act (OPRA) Request Form
    document date none
  • Application for Appointment to Board, Committee, Commission
    document date 06-30-2020
  • Code Complaint Form
    document date 06-30-2020
  • Employment Application
    document date 06-30-2020
  • Raffle Report of Operations
    document date 06-30-2020
  • Raffle Licence Application
    document date 06-30-2020
  • All Borough Ordinances
    document date 07-01-2020
  • Tort Claim Form
    document date 01-19-2021
  • Canvass & Solicitation Permit Application
    document date 04-29-2021

Dog & Cat Licence Application1 document

  • Dog & Cat Licence Application
    document date none

Recreation Comission1 document

  • COVID-19 Acknowledgement Form.pdf
    document date 07-06-2020

Financials7 documents

  • Annual Financial Statement 2020.pdf
    document date 03-17-2021
  • Annual Dept Statement 2020.pdf
    document date 03-17-2021
  • 2019 Audit (1).pdf
    document date 03-17-2021
  • 2020 Borough of Farmingdale User Friendly Budget.pdf
    document date 03-17-2021
  • 2020 Borough of Farmingdale Budget -Adopted (1).pdf
    document date 03-17-2021
  • 2021 Borough of Farmingdale  Budget Adopted
    document date 07-26-2021
  • 2021 Audit
    document date 09-16-2021

Borough Activity Calendar 2021-221 document

  • Farmingdale 2021-22 Calendar (1).pdf
    document date 07-28-2021

Home Sale Forms Required2 documents

  • Final Water Meter Read
    document date 06-09-2021
  • Fire Inspection Information
    document date 06-09-2021

Landlord Registration Form1 document

  • Landlord Registration Form
    document date none

New Resident Welcome Packet7 documents

  • Resources
    document date none
  • Administration & Inspectors
    document date 06-30-2020
  • One Call Sign Up
    document date 06-30-2020
  • Welcome to Farmingdale
    document date 06-30-2020
  • Permanent Address Change- Tax Assessor
    document date 06-30-2020
  • Recycling Schedule
    document date 06-30-2020
  • Mayor & Council
    document date 07-27-2020

Zoning1 document

  • Zoning Application
    document date 07-30-2020

Rentals- Required Fire Forms1 document

  • Smoke Alarm-Carbon Monoxide form (rental)
    document date 08-17-2020

Pending Ordinances1 document

  • Pending Ordinance 02-2021
    document date 03-17-2021
    Water Tower

Recently Adopted Ordinances3 documents

2021 Ordinances2 documents

  • 01-2021 - Amend Chpt 17 - Sewer (1).pdf
    document date 01-20-2021
  • Bond Ordinance 02-2021
    document date 06-24-2021
    Repair Boroughs Water Tower

2020 Recently Adopted Ordinances1 document

  • 05-2020
    document date 03-18-2021
    Storm water